We have developed a web-based payment system where security, along with ease of use, is one of our primary concerns.

Further on this page you will find information about the security features FUNDSTR has to offer for Business and Personal accounts in order to keep your money safe, and also about general safety precautions on the Internet.

Basic Security

Here are the special conditions for the FUNDSTR website and account usage.

Personal Security

While FUNDSTR provides all the essential features aimed at account protection, customers determine the required level of account security depending on their individual preferences. Use one of the following options or combine them:

Business Security

Along with the general account security measures mentioned earlier on this page, FUNDSTR offers additional means of protection for merchants and business clients.

In any case, do not ignore the usual precautions

The functionality and normal operating of the FUNDSTR system is maintained by its security features and a set of remedies. However, the FUNDSTR Security Department considers it necessary to warn the customers once again of potential security threats on the Internet and remind them to exercise extreme caution at all times.

Dear customers!

If you have any security concerns or want to ask a security-related question, please refer to our Support Service.